Releasing RQGIS 0.2.0

Today we are happy to announce a new version of RQGIS! RQGIS establishes an interface between R and QGIS, i.e. it allows the user to access the more than 1000 QGIS geoalgorithms from within R. The most important news is that you can run again the most recent QGIS releases (>=2.18.2) with RQGIS without having to modify Python source code. This modification became necessary due to a bug introduced in QGIS 2.16 (see here).


This release also fixes several bugs which we detected thanks to user feedback. Please refer to the release news for more detailed information.

Before running RQGIS, you need to install third-party software. To guide you through the installation process of QGIS, GRASS and SAGA on various platforms, we wrote a package vignette. To install RQGIS and to access the vignette, please run:

vignette("install_guide", package = "RQGIS")

For more information on RQGIS and examples how to use RQGIS, please refer to its github page and my blog.

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